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Originally from Brazil, Fernanda Silva’s life has been defined by a powerful tenacity to fight for what she aspires to be.


Born to a mother in teaching and a father in business, it was her father’s trade in construction supply that fostered an environment of architectural appreciation around Fernanda that would inspire her to pursue a degree in Architecture and Urban Design.

Fernanda was selected to receive a full-tuition scholarship from the State University of Londrina, one of the top Architecture schools in Brazil.  


In 2004, during her time in school, she participated in an extended travel exchange program and spent several months on Coastal Mississippi. She fell in love with the area and was impacted by the tremendous devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, one of many reasons that made the Gulf coast so special for her. So, in 2008 she officially moved to Biloxi, Mississippi.


“The most important thing to me in life is perseverance and dedication, I don’t give up, I place goals and I won’t stop until I achieve them”

- Fernanda Silva, AIA

During the economic recession at that time, having a degree from a non-accredited university made it very difficult for Fernanda to establish her professional career in the United States.

Her persistence and dedication never ceased and, in 2013, lead her to begin pursuing a master’s degree from an accredited university. Being accepted into Tulane University was a big step towards her main goal of becoming a licensed Architect. She completed her master’s degree in 18 months while living on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, working full-time at a casino, and driving to Tulane in New Orleans five times a week to complete her master’s program. All to say, it was not an easy path and once thought it was an impossible thing to do but she had her heart set on it and did not stop until she achieved her master’s degree.  Out of a love for Coastal Mississippi she achieved her Architect registration with Mississippi State Board of Architecture in 2018.


Fernanda has worked for several companies including Eley Guild Hardy Architects, Vectrus, and M|P Design Group — before deciding to strike out on her own and form her own practice: SIL Design.  Her expertise and passion centers around contemporary and modern architecture, Federal Procurement and Contracting, Construction Documents, Project Management, and Construction Administration.


Today, the unquenchable fire of Fernanda’s passion to achieve her goals translates into helping her clients realize their architectural dreams. Backed by years of education and experience, Fernanda won’t rest until those dreams are a reality for each and every one of her clients.


Tulane University - 2016

Masters of Architecture

UEL - Brazil - 2007

Bachelor of Science in Architecture


MS # 5425

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